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Google Discover potential, podcast SEO and ‘coronavirus’ visibility : What we read this week (4/3)

Trisolute staff are hunkered down in our respective homes for, well, nobody knows how long. We’ve all gotten very well acquainted with our couches, kitchen counters and coffee tables as we continue working to improve the News Dashboard, and provide the best customer service in the biz.

Below are five tidbits we read this week in quarantine, and we think you should, too.

Google’s Discover Feed Ads Could be a Big Deal

Google Discover launched in 2018. Since then, the personalized content module has pulled in about 800,000 mobile users monthly, according to Google. Now, ads appearing in Discover could be the next big thing for marketers.

Keyword Research on Social Media? Yes.

Journalists are always mining for stories across every information channel they have. Social media is especially useful now as many users share heart-wrenching stories and quarantine updates on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. But! Social media can be useful not just from a story-mining perspective, but from a keyword perspective as well. It all comes down to target audience. Here are a few pointers to get started.

Podcast SEO 101

People are stuck at home. As a result, they’re not commuting to and from work, which is bad news for some podcasts. Hot Pod, Nieman Lab’s podcast newsletter, mentioned a downturn in pod listeners this week. Not all is lost, however. There are still things pod producers can do to help.

Don’t Stop SEO, Even if Things Seem Dire

SEO is often a long-term game. Changes a publisher makes to its SEO strategy can sometimes take months to pay dividends. Tobias Willmann, head of SEO at, published 10 reasons why right now is the time for SEO.

International Publishers Are Out, Local Sources Are In for Coronavirus

This week, the News Dashboard staff was alerted when we discovered that visibility of international publishers tanked in countries/languages to which they weren’t native. Why? Well, we have our suspicions. Check out our analysis.

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