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News Dashboard Features

Our features are why the Trisolute News Dashboard is the best-in-class Google visibility tool for news publishers. Use the News Dashboard to see where your articles rank where search users are looking for news: the mobile and desktop SERP and Google News. Not only can you track and analyze your performance, but you can use our data to take action and optimize your content to increase your visibility, based on the insights our news SEO tool provides.

The Solar System plan is best for small verticals that publish up to 50 articles per day. You might not be on the top yet, but we go the extra mile with you – you have unlimited competitors, so you can find out the most visible publishers and articles for your keywords RIGHT NOW.

The Milky Way plan is best for local news publishers in major metros or mid tier verticals that publish between 50 and 100 articles per day. The plan includes manual keywords you can use for target topics and automatically imported keywords from two categories to track – for example, the World category and maybe Sports, Entertainment or Tech.

The Universe plan is best for general news publishers or top tier verticals that publish more than 100 articles per day. You have a designated audience editor or team in the newsroom. There is a newsroom SEO strategy, but it may need a refresh or more testing.


IndicatorsSolar SystemMilky WayUniverse
Monitoring intervalWe know the news moves fast, so we check for changes in the rankings every 15 minutes (near-real time monitoring). This helps you track live and breaking news in the mobile and desktop SERPs. Every time we check the ranking for a single keyword in each 15-minute interval, that‘s 1 query. 1,920 queries per day 13,440 queries per day 48,000 queries per day
Automatic KeywordsMonitor the most news-relevant topics (keywords) from Google News and Google Trends, automatically updated every 30 minutes. All data for historical topics is stored indefinitely in the KPI Dashboard, of course, so nothing is ever deleted. x40 automatic keywords 150 automatic keywords
Manual KeywordsTrack the topics that matter most to your audience. You can add keywords for local stories, breaking news, awards, elections and more. 10 manual keywords 30 manual keywords 100 manual keywords
Keyword ClustersGroup keywords based on stories, events, trends and more. Quickly analyze your visibility or where you might be missing coveragre for a specific Keyword Cluster – and easily identify the other publishers who are successful in search for that group of keywords.
"The Score"Quickly see via graphics and trend lines where your articles are appearing on the SERP. This tells you if you’re ranking in the first position of a mobile News Box with higher CTR, or near the end of the News Box with room to improve your visibility.

Action View

Action ViewSolar SystemMilky WayUniverse
Your rankings on the SERPWe check the desktop and mobile SERPs every 15 minutes for news-relevant ranking types to show if you rank and where. BONUS: See all articles/publishers in the visible portion of the News Boxes at all times.
News ranking typesDo you rank in a News Box (Top Stories box), Video Carousel, Publisher Carousel, Live Blog or Organic (classic Google link).
Your ranking potentialFind out if Google understands the keywords your articles are about – the first step in ranking. Use that information to choose and optimize for the best target keyword.
Missing TopicsWithin the topics you‘re monitoring, what keywords are newsy but Google doesn‘t see you have content for. See which keywords have News Boxes (Top stories box) that you are not writing about.
Newsroom viewKeep an eye on your Lost Rankings and Missing Topics in a clean overview.

KPI Dashboard

Analytics ViewSolar SystemMilky WayUniverse
Historical dataAnalyze your peformance in Google news ranking types in the last hour, day, week, month or year – we have data going back to 2012.
Quick viewsSee 5-day views from each report on one page (great for slideshows). Customize the view with Keyword, URL, Category and ranking type filters.
Google News - RankingsFind your Google News visibility for a chosen interval and include your competitors for a comprehensive analysis.
Google News - Category DistributionSee the Google News categories you ranked in most often.
Desktop and Mobile SERP rankingsAnalyze how successful you are in the news-relevant ranking types: News Box (Top Stories box), Video Carousel, Publisher Carousel, Live Blog and Organic (classic Google links). Find your most visible keyword or article in a concise list view, great for sharing. You can also run the same reports for any other news website!
CompetitorsYou can choose from any publisher who‘s ever ranked in Google News. You can even group them into Competitor Clusters, to easily analyze a specific group (e.g. only sports publishers when looking at sports keywords). Unlimited competitors Unlimited competitors Unlimited competitors
Topic CoverageThis report lets you see Google‘s perspective on how many of the news topics we monitor that you "covered“ with an article. This also helps you learn the topics you aren‘t "covering“ - having a topic covered, and thus an article indexed for that keyword, is the first step to ranking.
Index RateUse this report to spot indexation issues due to technical problems or Google-side issues, and learn how often your competitors publish new articles or update existing ones.


OthersSolar SystemMilky WayUniverse
Simultaneous users/seatsWe want you to focus on the important part: analyzing your visibility and optimizing your way through the Google (News) universe. So, we don‘t have a seat limit – within reason. Unlimited seats Unlimited seats Unlimited seats
AlertsGet notified via Slack or Microsoft Teams about new rankings, regained or lost rankings, missing topics and keyword updates. xx
APIIntegrate our data into the system of your choice. xx
Google News countries coveredArgentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, UK and the U.S. We‘re always interested in expanding our data – if your target country isn‘t covered here, please reach out and we can discuss options!
IntegrationTrisolute News Dashboard is a browser-based software that requires no user-side downloads. Furthermore, we require no new code on your site. In otherwords, integration is easy!
ServiceOur service includes onboarding sessions; 24/7 access to our Help Section and Service email for questions.PLUS full support during onboarding and training on the tool; check-in calls for questions, tips and issuesPLUS a dedicated account manager with news SEO and newsroom experience; unlimited service and support
  • Dele Aro

    Head of SEO

    News Dashboard is a best in class News SEO optimisation tool. It’s powerful suite of features helps our SEO team understand our sites ranking visibility across Google web and Google News which are critical platforms for our traffic and PV targets. It also supports our Editorial team in understanding which stories are trending, how competitor publishers are responding and ranking for those stories and whether there are opportunities for us to create new stories or tweak existing coverage.

  • Carly Steven

    Head of SEO

    News Dashboard is an essential tool for the SEO team at The Sun, helping us to track our daily visibility for the keywords we care about as well as analyse long term trends for the topics we want to win on. We use many tools in our newsroom but most are limited to organic results only. ND is the only one that gives us insights into Top Stories on mobile and desktop specifically which makes it invaluable as this is where so much of our editorial focus lies. The Trisolute team is always available to provide training and help find solutions to the problems we want to solve. I would recommend ND to anyone working in SEO for news publishers.

  • Teresa Mariano

    SEO consultant,

    News Dashboard gives us daily insight into our Google visibility and competitive landscape. Monitoring the Missing Topics feature is now a staple of our newsroom meetings to help identify gaps in our coverage and prioritize the news cycle. Customizing keywords to monitor, especially for major entertainment industry events and award shows, is key to our editorial strategy.

  • Christine Roberts

    Former Director Audience Development, Axios

    News Dashboard helps us optimize our content to increase our visibility in Google News. With its Missing Topics feature, we are able to easily identify keywords and stories that are trending in Google News that we haven't covered yet, and make decisions about how we prioritize coverage. The dashboard also gives us valuable insight into how Google is indexing our content, and how our visibility in Google News is faring overtime.

  • Barry Adams

    Founder & SEO Consultant at Polemic Digital

    The News Dashboard product from Trisolute is a true game-changer for publishing SEO, as it provides real-time monitoring of a publisher's presence in Google News. This allows SEO teams and editors to react quickly and claim a larger share of online news traffic. Can't recommend it highly enough, it's a revolutionary tool that has the potential to dramatically change how publishers approach Google News optimization.

  • Jim Robinson

    Founder, ClickSeed

    I don’t know of any other tool on the market that can match the level of insight into Google News and news box visibility that Trisolute News Dashboard provides. Top Stories news boxes, in particular, can be a major traffic source for news publishers. But that traffic is difficult to identify, especially in real time, since analytics platforms usually group it into one big bucket with the rest of Google’s organic search traffic. By pinpointing when specific stories are appearing in news boxes for important search queries (and when they’ve dropped out), News Dashboard provides editorial teams with highly actionable insight that allows them to maximize visibility in these high-profile placements.

  • Patricia Kämpf

    Online Editor SEO at and GMX

    Name of the article, keywords, News Box position: The Trisolute News Dashboard tells us all this at one glance. When we have lost a ranking, we are able to react within a narrow time-frame, because the News Dashboard gives us real-time information. These functions help us work faster and more effective and monitor our topics – an incalculable value for an up-to-the-minute news desk. The tool is primarily neat, and we receive fast and non bureaucratic help whenever questions occur.

  • Eva Rausch von Traubenberg

    SEO manager, FAZ

    The News Dashboard by Trisolute Software helps us monitor our performance in Google News and the Google News Boxes. It supports us to deduce measures regarding operation and strategy. With its numerous functions, the News Dashboard is the appropriate tool for a most possible efficient and effective way of working. Trisolute Software is always open for new ideas, and they consider them for further development – this is just one reason for us to enjoy our long-lasting co-operation.

  • Johannes Bornewasser

    SEO manager, RP Online

    News Dashboard is a mighty tool for informing the editorial department quickly and clearly about the current rankings of news topics in Google News. Working with Trisolute Software is pleasant and productive because of their high understanding of editorial workflows and requirements. Furthermore, assessment and implementation get carried out fast and in close co-operation, as it happened e.g. with the Newsroom tool. Therefore we often, gladly and confidently recommend Trisolute Software’s solutions.

  • Björn Wagner

    Audience development manager, ZEIT ONLINE

    Trisolute Software’s team knows editorial processes and understands what media businesses hold to be important for data analysis. Our News Dashboard enables us to see potential and extend our reach. It is a clear tool, which lets us carry out detailed analyses of keywords and topics that are important for us. We appreciate the personal support and the continuous development with Trisolute Software.

  • Philipp Bojen

    SEO product manager, Süddeutsche Zeitung

    The News Dashboard shows me which topics work for us and which ones work for competitors beyond the regular visibility indices. This happens regardless of location, in the desired frequency and with a revolutionary granularity. Thus, it helps us enormously to reveal new potentials, and in the long term it helps increase the efficiency of our traffic and strategy of reach.

  • Johannes Schmitt

    SEO manager, RTL Interactive GmbH

    The Trisolute Software News Dashboard has helped us increase our visibility in Google News significantly. Through concrete recommendations for action, the tool is easily integrated into editorial workflows. As we are a provider of multiple verticals, we only need the data of a section of Google News. Therefore we like the filtering capabilities of the News Dashboard. These have improved over the course of working with Trisolute Software and were adapted to our specific needs.

  • Niels Dahnke

    SEO specialist, Madsack Online GmbH & Co. KG

    The News Dashboard is an excellent tool, which highly facilitates the communication between the editorial office and the SEO/product management. At the same time it also raises visits. Editorial offices can measure their own performance as well as to be encouraged by their performance control in the future.

  • Raphael Raue

    former Head of SEO and web analysis, Spiegel Online

    Do we rank with this teaser in Google?" Although seemingly a simple question, the topic has become more complex in the last years. We use the News Dashboard at SPIEGEL ONLINE to keep up with all the different ways Google showcasts content, so we can be always where our readers are. It helps us with our strategic planning, our daily work and monitoring.

  • Patrick Rösing

    Head of Editorial SEO department, Stern

    Poking around in the dark is over with Trisolute. The News Dashboard helps editors with discovering topics and the optimization of our content and prevents us from backing the wrong horse. We measure our long-term success with the KPI Dashboard. The Trisolute team knows how an editorial office works and is always open for feedback.

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