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COVID-19, Australia’s biggest winners and video love: What we read this week (3/9)

We’ve poured through SEO news articles this week so you don’t have to. Check out the five stories below that the Trisolute team thinks are worth your time.

Publishers topping COVID-19/coronavirus coverage

Sometimes we like to shamelessly self-promote, and that’s OK. This week News Dashboard SEO Strategist extraordinaire Chesley Heath pulled together an analysis of the most visible publishers in news-related rankings for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

News Dashboard customer tops Australia news-ranking list

This week’s year-in-review took a look at Australian publishers. Our analysis found that 86 percent of desktop SERPS in Australia contained a News Box in 2019, which is an 83% increase from 2018. There was also a marked increase in mobile Video Carousels beginning March 2019, which coincided with a decrease in mobile News Boxes.

Google showing love to video producers

As demonstrated above, Google seems to be serving more video content in more prominent positions now than it has in the past. According to a story from Search Engine Land, videos aren’t only showing up more frequently, they’re also showing up with additional features including a “key moments” timeline.

A helpful AMP how-to from Google

Search Console, Google’s free tool to help optimize sites for search, has a report within it that focuses on AMP. This new video from Google Webmasters explains how to use the report and what webmasters can do to detect and fix AMP issues.