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Mobile Switch, Building Authority and Best Practices: What we read this week (3/2)

The News Dashboard blog post

We’ve poured through dozens of SEO news articles this week so you don’t have to. Check out the five stories below that the Trisolute News Dashboard team thinks are worth your time.

Mark your calendars!

If your publication hasn’t taken a mobile-centric SEO strategy yet, it has several more months to make the switch. Google announced this week that it will be switching all indexing to mobile-first by September 2020. The majority of websites (Google says 70%) have already switched over. 

Developers should read up on how to prep for the switch if your site is one of the desktop-first outcasts. Here is a quick guide from Google.

Quick pointers go a long way

Journalists, and news websites got a workout this week with elections, outbreaks and dangerous weather. So, it’s always worth taking a step back to make sure all that hard work is visible for search users.  Google posted this best practices guide last week. The most interesting bit? How to ensure your  live stream is marked “live” in Google.

“We are all experts in our own little niches”

The steps publishers should take to build authority on a topic in Google’s eyes can be a bit, shall we say, unclear. However, a blogger who clearly has a masochistic streak dived into a Google patent filing to help bring some much-needed clarity to the process. Heads up: this is dense and technical.