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COVID keywords, testing best practices and WFH tips: What we read this week (3/16)

We’ve poured through SEO news articles this week so you don’t have to. Check out the five stories below that the Trisolute team thinks are worth your time.

Question: How is working from home going? For tips we find useful, scroll below.

Coronavirus or COVID-19? Why not both?

Coronavirus coverage has flooded the Internet over the past three weeks. How can your site stay competitive? Well, in addition to breaking news, producing evergreen landing pages and updating live blogs, you should target both the coronavirus and the COVID-19 keywords.

Bryson Meunier over at Search Engine Land also suggests connecting the two terms in text during the first reference, “When referencing COVID-19, say ‘the novel coronavirus, COVID-19’ once or twice in order to explain how the two terms are related.”

Best practices can sometimes cause traffic problems

Best practices are great, but they aren’t one-size-fits-all, as Emily Potter’s presentation reminded us. Check out her SlideShare if you need a reminder on why testing assumptions is critical for increasing rankings and search traffic.

Alternative schema, hot right now

Most publishers may be familiar with the live blog schema, but we wonder how many have seriously considered other schemas for news coverage. With search engine results pages (SERPS) trimming traditional results in favor of things like FAQs and Q&As, it’s worth journalists’ time to get familiar with structured data types.

Working from home tips, tricks and resources to keep you sane 

This guide from the Online News Association is specifically focused on journalists (duh). What we like about these tips is they come directly from folks who often work from home.

This guide from Fast Company is about mental health. Working from home can be harder than you think under the best of circumstances, but toss in a pandemic and it gets even more stressful. Check it out.