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Tips to prep for election coverage with the News Dashboard

As we all gear up for the 2020 General Election in the United States, we wanted to share a few helpful tips on how you can use the Trisolute News Dashboard to prepare for your coverage – and to increase your Google News visibility on key election terms.

Pick your key terms

Identify the overall election key terms for your news organization. These may be national, international or regional terms. Keep this list at about 10 keywords.

Set up your main and supplementary Keyword Clusters

Keyword cluster about elections

Skeyword cluster about elections.






Create an overall Election 2020 Keyword Cluster ASAP, with top terms, and consider entering those top terms as manual keywords to ensure they are constantly tracked.

Analyze previous elections, politics coverage

If you have existing Keyword Clusters around election topics, you can take advantage of them to:

  • Inform the keywords you track going into the election itself;
  • Analyze your performance then and pick up on overall trends that will be applicable to the election.

New vs. old Keyword Clusters

When using the older Keyword Clusters to inform your election Keyword Clusters for this year, our suggested workflow is to create a new Keyword Cluster instead of renaming the original cluster – that way, you still have the historical record AND you can keep the two analyses separate (or combine them if you wish by filtering by multiple keyword Clusters in the KPI Dashboard reports).

URL Clusters

URL Clusters

Create URL Clusters.

In addition to Keyword Clusters, you can take advantage of filtering by URL Clusters (get to URL Clusters under Settings>Admin>URL Clusters). You may want to look at performance for all articles including the paths /elections/ or /politics/, etc.

Snoop on your competitors

Use the KPI Dashboard reports to analyze using only a date range (i.e. primaries, other significant elections-related events this year and in previous years) without using Keyword or URL Clusters to see what competitors ranked well for that you might have missed out on – basically, historical Missing Topics.

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