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Coronavirus disinformation, get started with FAQ schema: What we read this week (6/19)

Another week bites the dust – here are our top picks for news SEO reads we gathered Monday to Friday.

Controversy over bounce rate as a ranking factor continues

Google’s John Mueller says bounce rate is not a factor in SERP rankings, but this continues to draw questions.

Google tackles coronavirus disinformation

At the European Union’s request, tech giants including Google will produce reports on COVID 19 disinformation. However, “there’s also no guidance on exactly what the reports should contain, and companies The Verge spoke to said they were still working out what information to include.”

Transform your articles into search-friendly FAQs

News publishers are in a great position to take advantage of FAQ schema in Google – after all, what is a news article but an answer to the public’s questions? If you’re looking to get started, check out this guide from Search Engine Watch.

How to win at SEO with FAQ schema markup

Publishers penalized for accidental ad clicks

If too many users accidentally click on an ad in Google AdSense and Ad Exchange, Google will layer a “visit site” button, requiring two clicks as part of the “confirmed clicks” initiative. According to Digiday, “Bennet has spoken with roughly 25 publishers since last year who have run into issues with the initiative, these include global premium news publishers.”

New Google ‘confirmed clicks’ plan could depress publisher revenue

Tune in June 23 for Global Digital Excellence Awards

The News Dashboard is on the shortlist for award recipients at the Global Digital Excellent Awards. We’re one of six tools listed for recognition in the Global Search Software Tool category.

Winners will be announced during a live stream on Tuesday – tune in with your fingers crossed!


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