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Schema updates, keyword research 101 and how Google is helping local publishers: What we read this week (5/8)

The News Dashboard team would like to take a moment to thank all of the essential workers who have kept all of us fed, healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Words cannot express how much respect and admiration we have for you all.

Thank you!

Check out what we read this week.

What you need to know about schema updates

In case you’re new to the whole SEO thing, is a collection of mark up vocabulary publishers can use to help search engines understand their content. For example: One particularly hot topic right now is live blogs. Well, you can check out how to format and markup your live blog here. The link below is’s own release list. Check it out to stay on top of the latest changes.

Keyword research 101 by Moz

Keywords are the backbone of the Trisolute News Dashboard. So, having a strong foundation in keyword research could help take your keyword visibility from moderate to extraordinary (with the help of The News Dashboard, of course).

Recently, the team over at Moz published a Keyword Research Master Guide that gives a great overview of how to: choose related keywords, find keywords by search volume and develop a keyword-focused content strategy.

Removing URLs from Google Search

Removing URLs from Google can be tricky. Though news publishers rarely (if ever) un-publish stories, a webmaster may feel it’s worth removing landing pages, project pages or other non-news pages from Google to help focus SEO efforts.

The step-by-step guide from includes a handy flowchart to help you get started.

Google publicly says it’s trying to help local publishers in the SERPs

On April 2, we reported that international publishers’ visibility for coronavirus-related keywords was dropping. On May 4, the Google Search Liaison Twitter account posted this thread:

We’re sure any assistance local publishers can get now during the COVID-19 pandemic is welcome. Unfortunately, many local news outlets are in the midst of downsizing, driven by a slowdown in ad dollars.

YouTube could help boost news subscriptions

Let’s be clear: The News Dashboard isn’t a YouTube visibility tool, but our tool has show that YouTube visibility (via video carousels) has been increasing for months now. And YouTube is the second-largest search engine behind Google, making it an important piece to any SEO (and content) strategy.

Digiday reported this week that the ubiquitous video platform is developing a tool for news sites to sell subscriptions through their YouTube channels. The tool would be similar to the channel membership tool YouTube introduced in 2018.




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