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News Dashboard new features: “live” tracking, visual drilldown reports

We just released new features into the Trisolute News Dashboard, and wanted to share them with you!

TLDR: We can now track the “Live” flags on the SERPs, and you can see at a glance.

New KPI Dashboard > Second drilldown report

For the SERP reports (Mobile Visibility Overall, Mobile News Box, Mobile News Carousels, Mobile AMP Carousels, Publisher Carousels, Desktop Visibility Overall, Desktop News Box) in the KPI Dashboard, we’ve completely redesigned the second drilldown report. You can now see, at a glance, how long an article ranked for a keyword over the chosen time period; how much of your rankings for that particular keyword belonged to a particular article; and the previously displayed information such as article headline, URL, ranking type, ranking position, etc. This makes it even easier to see what article changes (e.g. headline) have when been acknowledged by Google and how they have affected your visibility (and correspondingly traffic).

Here are examples from both the Keyword and Article Focus.

Keyword Focus:

Second drilldown menu in the KPI Dashboard.

Ranks for “california nursing homes” of on the mobile SERP.

Article Focus:

Second drilldown with the article-focus.

Second drilldown in the KPI Dashboard with the article focus.

If you prefer to see the “old” view, you can use the toggle button at the top of the report.

‘Live’ flag tracking in Action View, KPI Dashboard

We now track the red “Live” flag (a small red box with white LIVE text in the upper right corner of a ranking in the News Box). This makes it easier for you to track live and heavily fluctuating topics, how your changes are played out on Google and how it affects your visibility.

Ranking with the live flag.

Mobile Ranking with a live flag mark.

In Action View, find the Live flag in the Ranking in NB column.

Live flags in the Action View.

Here you can find the live flags in Action View.

You can also filter by Live flag in the Filter menu.

Filter option for "Only with Live flag"

Filter for “Only with Live flag” in Action View.

Other updates

KPI Dashboard: In the charts, when you hover over a publisher line, that line will be highlighted, making it a bit easier to see – especially if you’re looking at a report with a more crowded field (10+ publishers).

Youtube's visibility on the mobile SERP.

The visibility of on the mobile SERPs.

Action View: Keywords in keyword filter are now sorted alphabetically.

If you’re interested in trying out these features in a demo of the News Dashboard, sign up here!

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