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Does the News Dashboard track all the Google AMP Carousels?

If you’ve read the Google Webmaster blog’s on AMP Best Practices earlier this year (, you might wonder how you can keep track of if and when your articles appear there.

This About AMP page from Google ( gives examples of what the different carousels they discussed look like. Below, we’ll show an image of the ranking type, and how we track it in the Trisolute News Dashboard:

Top stories carousel – We call this a News Box in the News Dashboard:

Top stories carousel - structure and look

This is how a top stories carousel looks and is structred.

Host carousel – Publisher Carousel in the News Dashboard:

Look of an host carousel/publisher carousel.

This is a typical host carousel or publisher carousel.

For live/ongoing events, Google sometimes opens a ranking type we call Live Blog in the News Dashboard.

It looks similar to a Publisher Carousel, but each of the “cards” is for a different update within the single article that has the schema/mark-up Google requires:

Live carousel on the mobile Google SERP.

The Live carousel on mobile SERP.


You can also see the red “LIVE” badge or box at the top righthand corner – we assume this is what they mean by “If you are live-streaming a video during an event, you can be eligible for a LIVE badge by marking your video with BroadcastEvent.”

For Visual Stories – This is the only type we don’t currently track.

This is how visual strories look.

The structure and look of visual stories.

Right now, you can use URL Clusters to capture whatever format you assign to live blogs in your URL (see example below) and then sort by the Cluster in the Action View and KPI Dashboard.

You can create URL Clusters in the News Dashboard.

The URL Clusters in the News Dashboard.

As live coverage especially on mobile is increasingly on publishers’ radar, we are also currently working on a Live “flag” filter option, much like you can filter by AMP now.

We also recommend this excellent article from SEO Barry Adams:

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