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All the News Dashboard’s new features in 2018 – and a sneak peek into 2019

In honor of the new year, we wanted to take a moment to thank our customers, we would like to add the News Dashboard in 2018 – and give a sneak peek into what’s on our roadmap for the tool in 2019.

What we added in 2018

  • Revamped News Dashboard API
  • Personal filter options in Action View and KPI Dashboard now match
  • Exports tab: Added daily TSV reports of total article rankings
  • Settings> Admin: Key account contacts can manage their own users in the tool
  • Action View: Added an anti-keyword cannibalization feature to columns Keyword and Ranking in NB
  • Action View: Newsroom now includes mobile and desktop Missing Topics and Lost Rankings
  • Action View: Video Carousels and “ranking as a video”
  • KPI Dashboard: Combined mobile and desktop reports in navigation
  • Google News: Crawl Fact Check and Spotlight sections
  • Google News: Confirmed desktop and mobile results are similar

Google News redesign response

Google News released an updated version of Google News in mid-2018. We immediately jumped into action, not just making sure the News Dashboard could support the changes, but taking the opportunity to better match our new design features.

  • Completely reworked crawler keyword, which automatically pulls out keywords from Google News
  • Keyword Extractor – which automatically provides many more and more news from Google News and Google Trends to our publishers
  • Google News YouTube visibility: Adding Publisher’s Label column so you can see which of your YouTube videos appear there

2019 News Dashboard roadmap

News Dashboard start page

Just a few days into the new year, we’ve already released a huge new feature: the News Dashboard start page, which is specifically designed as a snapshot, to quickly get an idea of the publisher’s visibility trend today, and what keywords they might want to target. It includes data from both our Action View and KPI Dashboard.

And as we continue into the New Year, we have an ambitious list.

  • Reporting features: Pull and share customized reports
  • Research Featured Snippets tracking
  • Slack alerts
  • Notification Center: View alerts about new keywords and lost rankings in a central location
  • Help section, including videos
  • Action View: Show articles/publishers in the last measured News Box for a keyword (like in Missing Topics)
  • Action View: Ability to “follow” an article and give specific changes to its changes
  • Action View: “Sparkline” showing how long it remains in the News Box
  • Action View: Video filter
  • KPI Dashboard: Add Desktop Visibility Overall report
  • KPI Dashboard: Add mobile and desktop Video Carousel reports

Are there any feature you’d like to see added to the News Dashboard? Let us know in the comments! ANd if you’d like to demo the tool for your website, reach out to us via the demo button today.

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