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Action View 2.0: Check out the new live optimization features

Last week, Trisolute News Dashboard released Action View 2.0, which has been completely redesigned with the feedback of our news publisher partners. Already a popular feature of the award-winning news SEO tool, Action View 2.0 will empower news publishers with enhanced live optimization and near real-time performance tracking features.

Incorporating these features into a newsroom’s SEO workflow will help publishers react quicker to search ranking opportunities, maintain optimum search performance, and build topic authority.

Here are the key new Action View 2.0 features that help news publishers track their Google visibility in near real-time and perform live optimization with ease:

  • Simplified format: Action View 2.0 has a clean, efficient interface, using descriptive icons to quickly communicate to newsroom staff the performance of a keyword or article. When live optimizing for breaking news, the ability to gain insights at a glance is essential.
  • Live optimization: The new filter features in Action View 2.0 enhance the News Dashboard’s live optimization capabilities. Select “Lost Ranking” under Ranking Status and “Optimize for Keyword” under Action Suggestions. A specific ranking type can also be selected in the filter menu. To investigate why a ranking was lost, check the visibility history, perform a quick News Box analysis in the News Box tab, check when the article lost ranking and from those indicators implement an SEO strategy.
  • Action Suggestions: Get actionable prompts within Action View 2.0 that will prompt news staff to update a headline, review keyword usage or monitor for further action, supporting the live optimization of articles at critical moments.
  • Automatic updates: Activate Automatic Updates to be notified when ranking for an article or keyword is lost, allowing news staff to be able to respond quickly and be more proactive in optimization. 
  • Enhanced tracking: Use the Watchlist feature to create a customized set of keywords so you can closely monitor volatility and know when to take action. Adding articles to the Watchlist is an efficient method to determine if article optimization strategies are working.

To celebrate the launch of Action View 2.0, Trisolute Software is offering a free 2-month News Dashboard trial. Use code AV2 on the registration form. This limited time offer expires Aug. 8, 2023, so don’t miss out!