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UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 from an SEO perspective

The women’s European championship 2022 in England has reached its halftime point. Perfect time for us to take a look at what has happened so far from an SEO-perspective.

In this article we will have a look at the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Austria and examine the most relevant keywords, the top five publishers and their respective most successful articles on the topic.

Maybe you can find some helpful tips on what to do for the other half of the competition – after all it still lasts until 31 July, so there’s plenty of time left to make some adjustments.

(FYI: In this analysis we included all general keywords on the topics that were used in the period from 6 July to 13 July 2022. The top five publishers have been extracted from the News Dashboard information on the Mobile SERP in each country.)

Alright, let’s have a look:


United Kingdom

Top five most successful keywords:

  1. england women’s national football team
  2. uefa women’s championship
  3. uefa european championship
  4. switzerland’s women’s national team
  5. france women’s national team

Here we can see that the most successful keywords for U.K. publishers are more general ones about the competition itself. Besides that, keywords referring to the competing teams, like Switzerland and France, seem to work well.

Top five publishers and their best-ranking article:

  1. ☞ (UEFA Women’s EURO)
  2. ☞ (England women’s national football team – Wikipedia)
  3. ☞ (England women’s football team – The Guardian)
  4. ☞ (England v Austria player ratings: Beth Mead stars but two Lionesses fail to live up to hype)
  5. ☞ (FA release statement after calls to change England Women shorts during Euro 2022)

This ranking shows that general informational articles seem to go down well with the U.K. readers. In addition to those, immediate reviews of matches like England – Austria on July 6th, where the national team won 1 – 0, work nicely as well. Interesting is also the Mirror’s top article, which is about England’s national players demanding shorts in another colour than white due to concerns about their period showing and the FA rejecting those. U.K. readers therefore also seem interested in topics that are not directly related to the matches.



Top five most successful keywords:

  1. frauenfußball
  2. deutsche fußballnationalmannschaft
  3. fußball-europameisterschaft
  4. nordirische fußballnationalmannschaft der frauen
  5. dänische fußballnationalmannschaft der frauen

The most successful keywords in Germany show the same pattern as the British ones: general keywords plus those on Germany’s competition work best.

Top five publishers and their best-ranking articles:

  1. ☞ (Frauenfußball: Schwangere Leupolz: Juristisch „absolutes Neuland“ |
  2. ☞ (Frauen-EM-2022: „So weit sind wir noch nicht“ – was ist los im Frauenfußball?)
  3. ☞ (Deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft der Frauen – Wikipedia)
  4. ☞ (Frauen-EM – Torschützin Lina Magull fordert: Mindestgehalt für uns Frauen!)
  5. ☞ (Schluss mit Frauenfußball! – FAZ)

As can be seen in this ranking, German readers are seemingly most interested in the feminist and emancipatory side of the competition – like the equal pay- issue between male and female football players or the term “women’s football” which is constantly used in media instead of simply “football”. Informational articles also seem to work well.



Top five most successful keywords:

  1. équipe de france feminine de football
  2. euro 2022
  3. équipe de france de football
  4. équipe de belgique feminine de football
  5. euro de football féminin

As seen above, general keywords on the competition seem to work best.

Top five publishers and their best-ranking articles:

  1. ☞ (En Italie, une sélection féminine quip rend de l’ampleur)
  2. ☞ (France – Italie. Geyoro s’envole, les Bleues se relâchent après le carton… Les tops et les flops)
  3. ☞ (Euro féminin 2022 – Avant Angleterre – Norvège : Leah Williamson et le penalty retiré… cinq jours après)
  4. ☞ (EN DIRECT – France-Italie : La performance des Bleues salutée dans toute l’Europe)
  5. ☞ (Les Bleues entrent en scène)

Article-wise, those on the current games and happenings surrounding the European championship seem to be most popular with French readers. You should therefore focus more on those rather than general informational articles.



Top five most successful keywords:

  1. frauenfußball
  2. fußball-europameisterschaft der frauen
  3. nordirische fußballnationalmannschaft der frauen
  4. österreichische fußballnationalmannschaft der frauen
  5. deutsche fußballnationalmannschaft der frauen

For Austrian publishers, keywords on the competing teams seem to work very well.

Top five publishers and their best-ranking articles:

  1. ☞ (Gruppe B: Auftaktsieg gegen Dänemark – DFB-Frauen überzeugen)
  2. ☞ (Nordirische Nationalmannschaft der Frauen – Wikipedia)
  3. ☞ (Schluss mit Frauenfußball! – FAZ)
  4. ☞ (Frauen-Nationalteam |
  5. ☞ (Warum sich Frauenfußball rechnet |

Two of the five most successful publishers on the topic are actually German. General informational articles seem to work well for Austrian publishers.


Congratulations to all the publishers who reported on the women’s Euro 2022 successfully and all the competing teams – you are all doing a great job! Let’s see what the second half of the competition brings – for the players AND publishers.

Beth Mead scored the only goal as England opened their Euros campaign with a 1-0 win over Austria