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Trump vs Biden in the French News Box – an SEO check

Despite the obvious election defeat, the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, isn’t giving up and trying to stay in the White House with lawsuits. Nevertheless, it’s clear that Joe Biden is the winner of the US presidential election. But who is the winner in the French News Box on the US election? That is what we want to find out in this article.

Therefore, we take a look at the visibility of Joe Biden and Donald Trum for the five most visible publishers from France in the period from November 1st to November 16th. First, we focus on the mobile News Box for the two candidates and then on the comparison between the mobile and the desktop News Box with general keywords for the US election. Therefore, we check the Google SEO performance of the competitors. The keywords are listed at the end of this article.

Trump in the mobile News Box: 

Mobile visibility for Trump is highly visible.

For the keywords “trump” and “donald trump” in the mobile News box we see the publishers,,, and in the top five. In particular, has built up its visibility and reached the maximum visibility on November 5th with the article “Présidentielle américaine EN DIRECT : ‘Il ne fait aucun doute que nous allons gagner’, assure Joe Biden“. While they lost visibility again after their high, and built up their visibility. Especially at the beginning of the period, had a lot of visibility. The visibility of increased especially in the middle of the period.


Biden in the mobile News Box:

Mobile visbility for Biden’s values increase in visibility.

In the mobile News Box for “biden” and “joe biden” are,,, and the top five competitors. At the beginning of the period, in particular rises very strongly in visibility and slowly flattens out from November 5th onwards. Shortly after that, also builds up their visibility. On November 5th, reaches its personal peak visibility. The highest visibility in this report reached on November 9th with the article “EN DIRECT – Eleciton américaine : Poutine attend les résultats officiels avant de féliciter Biden


US election in the mobile und desktop News Box:

Mobile visibility for the general us election keywordset. builds visibility.


Desktop visibility for the general us election keywordset. increases in visibility.

The comparsion between the mobile and desktop News Box shows that in the mobile News Box had the highest visibility with the most rankings (328 rankings) and built up a lot of visibility over the period. In the desktop News Box had the most rankings (126 rankings) and was able to reach the highest visibility on November 8th.




For the visibility of the US election the five same pubishers have proven themselves in the mobile News Box and the desktop News Box. However, we have seen that is very strong in the desktop News Box and both and in the mobile News Box. For the reporting about Joe Biden, was very visible. In the midfield, proved their worth.


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Keywordset Biden: joe biden, biden
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