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Trending keywords for the French election that publishers should know

As a brand-new approach we wanted to give you a quick insight into Google’s trend keywords while the presidential elections are still running. This time we focused on some key dates: the day before the first round – 09.04; the day of the pre-elections 10.04; the most recent fully covered day – 13.04 and the ongoing reporting today on the 14.04 (time-stamp: 11:15 am). Relevant keywords were pulled from three sources: Google News Topics (GNT), Google Trends (GT) and Extracted Google News Topics (EGNT). Keywords were counted as relevant if the connected mobile News Box rankings clearly mentioned the elections. Those keywords cover the most recent and relevant ongoing news keywords dependant on search interest and Google’s display of headlines and news and are updated every 30 minutes. We show you what keywords Google prefers so you don’t have to keep guessing. As a second step we have chosen only those that acquired mobile News Box rankings on the covered days – displayed from most to least rankings – showing you with which keywords you can rank in the places that matter the most on the mobile SERP. To stay on target concerning the election, the categories we chose were either Top Stories/À la une (for GNT and GT) or France (EGNT).

Graphic showing the most significant keywords for the election

The graphic shows which keywords showed up on most days for the most sources.

Here are the results:


09.04: The day before

GNT: france
GT: parti socialiste; élection présidentielle en france; france; michel delebarre; anne hidalgo
EGNT: présidentielle; macron; présidentielle 2022; présidentielle emmanuel; macron; zemmour; macron le pen; mayenne; morbihan; voile; présidentielle macron; voter; macron présidentielle; marine le pen; bretagne; sondage; campagne présidentielle 2022; gauche


10.04: The day of the pre-elections

GT: élection présidentielle en franche; bureau de vote; abstention; vote blanc; cyril hanouna; la ferté-bernard; éric zemmour; jean-luc mélenchon; yannick jadot
EGNT: présidentielle;  présidentielle 2022; voter; premier tout; brigitte macron; heures; tour; présidentielle premier tour; macron le pen; macron présidentielle; lyon présidentielle; touquet emmanuel; macron marine le pen; macron; présidentielle lyon; zemmour; 2017; présidentielle hidalgo; présidentielle voix; pau présidentielle; le pen; valérie pécresse; brigitte macron emmanuel; eric zemmour; pas shanghai


13.04: Some days after

GNT: éric zemmour
GT: cyril hanouna; anne-sophie lapix
EGNT: présidentielle; marine le pen; macron; le pen; nicolas sarkozy; zemmour sms; emmanuel macron nicolas sarkozy; fabien roussel; français zemmour; présidentielle 2022; jean lassalle; marine le pen quotidien; sarkozy macron; sarkozy; campagne; macron présidentielle; le pen quotidien; le pen zemmour; quotidien; mélenchon; jean luc mélenchon fabien roussel; macron le pen; mélenchon présidentielle; marine le pen face; zemmour; sms français


14.04: Today

GNT: éric zemmour
GT: philippe martinez; rassemblement national; parti socialiste; éric dupond-moretti; alain duhamel
EGNT: marine le pen; macron; zemmour; le pen; présidentielle; présidentielle macron; présidentielle 2022; sorbonne; nantes; macron le pen; le débat deux tours; nantes la présidente

Final thoughts

Clearly, we see a focus on more general buzzwords like “présidentielle” in different combinations but also on a lot of people surrounding the election. We can also distinguish that candidates who have not made the cut in terms of results have not necessarily left the stage when it comes to news. If you want to see where you are standing surrounding these topics, try out the News Dashboard today.