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The US election: 4 Google SEO insights for UK publishers

We cannot remember a time when it was unclear for such an extensive time period who will become the next US president. Though, there are still indictments against the results, it still seems to be almost certain that Joe Biden, the former vice president under Obama, will be the next president. Though, there are publications worldwide covering the US election we want to focus on the most visible publishers in the UK for the US election concerning Google SEO aspects.

To envelope as much coverage about the election as possible, we will focus on the timespan between the 1st and 16th of November. Despite having an extensive amount of data according to our 15 minute crawl interval, there is only so much we can discuss in a single article. That means, we will first look at the top five publishers for Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the mobile News Boxes and then give some insights on the results for general election keywords in the Desktop and mobile News Boxes. As always, all keywordsets can be found at the bottom of the text. Please note that not all keywords have been active throughout the whole time span, because we focused on the automaticcaly imported keywords from Google’s perspective (sources were Google News and Trends) and our small set of editorial managed keywords.


Trump in the mobile News Boxes: a tight race

Mobile visibility for Trump in the UK is really strong at the beginning.

The top five publishers for Trump related keywords were:,,, and In general, we recorded more rankings for “trump” than for “donald trump”. Firstly, the most visibility peaks went to and They each dominated six of the sixteen days, while the others went to and in even parts. Although, reached the overall highest score for one day with 32,47 percent visibility on November 4th and gained the most rankings. Moving on to best articles, there were two live-blogs.  The three best non-liveblogs were: “US election 2020:What has Trump said about your country?” by, “US election: Trump campaign pushes frau lawsuits in Georgia as president ramps up ‘cheat’ claims” by and “Donald Trump ‘electoral fraud’ affidavits include bizarre claims” by


Biden in the mobile News Boxes: top publishers compete

Mobile visbility for Biden in the UK gains a lot of visibility towards the end.

The top five publishers for Biden related keywords were:,,, and Again, we recorded more rankings for the last name than the full name. Here, reached the most daily peaks during the timespan, in addition to the highest overall score for a day of 40,17 percent visibility. Though, was right behind having just 64 fewer rankings in total. Also, was the third publisher that dominated at least one day. That day was November 7th. Moving on to best articles: two publishers had the strongest visibility with live articles. The best non-live articles were: “Joe Biden ignores Trump obstruction to press ahead with cabinet selection” by, “US election: Trump campaign pusehes frau lawsuits in Georgia as president ramps up ‘cheat’ claims” by and “Prince Harry’s close friendship with Joe Biden’s wife Jill” by


Us election in desktop and mobile News Boxes: different platforms, but similar results

Desktop visibility for the general US election keywordset in the UK

The competition is very close.

Mobile visibility for the general US election keywordset in the UK is able to build a lot of visibility over time.

Again, we see the same top publishers as in the former reports:,,, and Additionally, we see similar curves for the respective publishers on both platforms. Moreover, there were not many changes when it comes to the positioning of the publishers.




Overall, there were five top publishers for all keywordsets:,,, and Though we have to notice, that the results for different keyword sets were sometimes vastly different. On the other hand, the results on different platforms were more similar. In general we noted that we crawled more rankings for shorter keywords. Moreover, individual articles scored just slightly better than live-blogs.


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Keywordset Biden: biden; joe biden
Keywordset general US election: election 2020; kamala harris; mike pence; us election; us election 2020; us election results; us president; us presidential election 2020