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10 most visible French publishers in 2018

When thinking about the last year a lot comes to mind, but instead of focusing on the stories, we want to take the chance to look at the storytellers who bring the news to us every day.

So, for this year in review analyses, we want to look at the most visible publishers in Google (News) France in 2018. All data is based upon the Trisolute News Dashboard – a one-of-a-kind SEO tool that gives near-real-time data about rankings in Google News and on the Google search engine result page (SERP). To level the playing field and cover most general-interest news topics of 2018, we chose to base the analyses on our general keyword set. This set is based on Google News and Trends topics – but keep in mind that the May redesign of Google News affected the general Google News keywords, making them more pointed toward big general news topics and adapting to Google changes, we followed. However, the keyword set broadened again in the end of the year thanks to our brand new keyword extractor to include more keywords from all categories.

Mobile News Boxes: leads during the whole year.

Top 10 publishers for general news topics in the mobile News Box in France 2018. wins gold all year round.

From June to September, we see a general high for the top department in the mobile News Boxes 2018 in France, with reaching a high of 13.44 percent and reaching the most rankings with “donald trump” from our general keyword set in July after having their lowest score in January.

Everybody else stays under the 10 percent mark. Though, scores mostly above or around 5 percent.‘s visibility takes a different curve than most of the top publishers, with two highs in June and July. On third position is, with general great scores overall. Right in the middle is, with a similar curve as most top publishers. is not the most remarkable publisher until July, but then makes a leap that puts them right in the sweet spot. By the end, the publisher reaches a better score than at the beginning of the year with additional 1.59 percentage points. and make a similar leap with the rest of the publishers, while and stay between 1.72 and 4.52 percent. While manages to constantly stay above 5 percent, the visibility of the other publishers takes a toll from May onward.

Desktop News Boxes: Publishers are neck and neck.

Top 10 publishers for general news topics in the Desktop News Box in France 2018. gets the overall highest score in summer.

In the Desktop News Boxes in France 2018, the competition is generally much closer together than in the mobile News Boxes. Here, and are in front of, with both reaching scores above 10 percent. On Positions 4 to 6 are, and While all score well in June, drops quite a bit in August and September with a score of just above 1 percent. Out of the three, has the highest score in September with 6.91 percent – and  with most rankings for “hollywood” and “emmanuel macron”. All other publishers reach scores between 1 and 5 percent – while,, and begin the year right next to each other, they divert considerably at the end of the year.

Google News: rocks the beginning of 2018.

Top 10 publishers in Google News in France 2018. goes from the top to the middle.

Google News rankings are not based upon keywords, which is why you will not see those changes in the summer months. But, keep in mind that the redesign definitely affected the Google News algorithm, which is clearly seen in the vastly different positions starting in May 2018.

While the highest scoring publisher gains 9.25 percent visibility in January, the No. 10 publisher reaches only 0.15 percent, but they barely have a 1.19 percent difference at the end of the year. The rest of the playing field also moves more together, but considerably less so., and all start above five percent, but then they take vastly different routes. is one of the few publishers that is on an overall upward trend, reaching a high in June with 6.44 percent. On an ascending curve is and manage to stay somewhat constant. Unfortunately, lose nearly half of their visibility over the year.

When we look at the Top 5 in the Google News categories, we see several new publishers. In “Divertissement”:, and “Économie”: “Santé”: “Sciences et technologies”:,,, and “Sports”:, and That makes “Sciences et technologies” by far the most independent category and proves that niche publishers are quite able to make respective gains in their fields, overtaking general-interest top publishers.

AMP share: Most publishers rank with AMP in mobile News Boxes.

Again and again, Google has said that the preferred mobile format is Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, for online publishers, making the site more user-friendly with quicker loading times, but harder in upkeep and less ad-friendly for site owners.

But, we wanted to see just how much this affects the rankings in the mobile News Boxes as the most important SERP element for publishers. Therefore, we looked at the rankings of the Top 20 news publishers in the mobile News Boxes for our general keyword set in 2018, to determine how many of those rankings were shown as AMP by Google. We see that only for one publisher out of twenty – – more than 90 percent of News Box rankings were shown as AMP. For 60 percent of the publishers, more than 80 percent of their rankings were played out as AMP. Another 25 percent had more than 60 percent of their rankings played out as AMP. Surprisingly, for only 5 percent of all crawled News Box rankings were shown as AMP by Google. and even had zero AMP rankings over the course of one year. Google still seems to value AMP as an overall asset, but this result is vastly different from the overall higher AMP percentages in Germany, the UK, Switzerland, the U.S. and Australia.


While we see many of the same publishers on top for all news elements, there is no overall leader – all publishers have their different strengths and weaknesses. But, all publishers with high visibility in the overall ranking types were focused on general-interest topics. Though, on the category pages we also had many niche publishers as very strong competitors. Some categories, like “Sciences et technologies”, were even dominated by publishers with a specific focus. In regards to AMP, we see that while Google plays out a lot of AMP in News Box rankings, strong publishers without AMP still have a chance in France to gain access to a News Box. We would still recommend AMP as it is more likely for mobile users to stay on an AMP site due to the loading times and better mobile layout.
Acknowledgements: The basis of this analysis is the general keyword set. The time-span is set between 01.01.2018 and 31.12.2018.

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