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You need our new Action View: History feature

Earlier this year, we added the ability to look into a piece of Action View data to the KPI Dashboard ranking reports. With one click, you can see the articles and publishers currently ranking in on the SERP for the keywords in our active keyword set. This lets you look at the most visibility publishers for a keyword over time, along with who’s ranking in the moment.

We wanted to apply the same logic to the Action View, so we’ve introduced the “History” button, which replaces the green, black and grey arrows in the Headline column.

This new overlay in the Action View shows your rankings in the last 24 hours (for article-keyword combinations, an article, or a keyword, depending on the view), instead of just the last every-15 minute increment. Just click the button “History” in the Action View table. This new history replaces the old “change history” in the Action View.

Why should I care about the History in the Action View?

You can analyze this with the help of the History in the Action View

Action View overview

You can take a look on the history of an article with the history button.

When did an article rank for a keyword (default view that lists single article-keyword combinations).

Which of your articles ranked when for a keyword (grouped by keyword view).

When did an article rank for which keywords (grouped by article view).

The History always considers the last 24 hours and differentiates between News Box and other rankings (like organic and Publisher Carousels).

  • This feature brings most insights if you are in one of the grouped views.

Open the History overlay

You can open the overlay by clicking on the History button:

  • Default or Group By Article view: Article column
  • Group By Keyword view: Keyword column

The button only appears when there are current or lost SERP rankings in the last 24 hours.

How to read the ring chart

Action View history overlay

Here you can find all the information about the history.

The ring chart shows you which articles ranked most for a keyword, or how many keywords a single article ranked for.

This is how you read the bar chart

The dark blue bar shows News Box rankings, while the smaller, light blue bar shows the other news rankings on the SERPs.

You can also check if an article ranked with more than one title.

Your sorting options

The default sorting is by newest ranking first. Newest ranking first allows you to identify, especially in the Grouped views, which article or keyword might have the highest potential at the moment.

Sort by Number of rankings to spot the winner of the whole last 24 hours.

Grouped By Article view example

Action View history - grouped by article view

Here you can see where and when a specific article ranked for which keyword.


You can unfold the details to check when exactly you ranked where by clicking on the Expand buttons.

Use this view if you want to focus on getting a specific article to rank for one or more keywords.

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