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World Cup news around the globe: UK edition

The footy World Cup is over and we want to look back on the publishers’ perspective just as we did in Germany and in Switzerland.  For this analysis we choose to focus our interest on UK`s currently most famous player Mohamed Salah, who participated as part of the Egyptian national team, the quarter finals and UK’s world cup matches.

Desktop News Boxes: makes a huge jump in visibility

Top 5 most visible publishers in the Desktop News Boxes for the quarter finals and leave the quarter finals victoriously.

Let’s start with the Desktop News Boxes for ten days. Here we look at the top 5 publishers for the quarter finals. Next to our general interest publishers we have not only from overseas, but also in the sports category. Overall we see on top on most days with over 20 percent and only a slight drop on the fourth of July. Suprisingly is that the day when gains a lot of visibility with 15.56 percent. They gain the most ranks on that day with the France/Uruguay match. The skyrocketer of the period is obviously They start with only 1.82 percent and only eight News Box ranks on the 2nd, but gain up to 38.06 percent on the 8th and the most ranks for the Sweden/England match. Another publisher with an impressive jump is with scores beneath 5 percent before the ninth, while  they gain visibility for the Russia/Croatia match on the last three days. The fifth place in the top spots is taken by

Mobile Publisher Carousels: starts off strong

Top 5 most visible publishers in the mobile Publisher Carousels for the UK matches

The big publishers are highly competitive during the UK matches.

While the quarter finals have been interesting, the public in the UK had their eyes on the England matches. What would be better to look at than the mobile Publisher Carousels that have been gaining a lot of visbility especially for sports events. While clearly takes the lead in the beginning with scores highly above 20 percent until the 26th of June, afterwards the field becomes less predictable. scores with its most visible carousels and 32.99 percent on 26th of June with amongst other topics Danny Murphy. Another high scoring publisher is especially during the later days of the world cup. as a special interest publisher and complete the field.

Mobile News Boxes: Mohames Salah stays a News Box participant

Top 5 most visible publishers in the mobile News Boxes for "mohamed salah" scores for its own player.

In the visibile part of the mobile News Box we see a whole other publisher on top for “Mohamed Salah” during Egypt’s participation in the world cup. Unsurprisingly, it is a publisher from his regular teams’ town On their best day they score 68.97 percent and 254 News Box ranks with only 5 articles. While doesn’t score high constantly, they have several great scores in-between. Another publisher with two peaks is on the 17th and 21st. is also scoring great all around, but starts off with their best score on the 15th of June with articles around Mohamed’s former injuries. on the other hand scores at the end with up to 63 ranks a day with only one article. Last but not least we have with scores between 0 and 22.08 percent.


Overall general interest publishers scored better for the world cup than special sports publishers. Only scored for all keyword clusters we analysed; which shows that the overall field was highly competitive.
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