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Who took the Iron Throne for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 search visibility?

While the world tuned in to the “Game of Thrones” Season 7 premiere, the News Dashboard from Trisolute Software was recording what online news publisher would reign supreme for covering the event in Google’s U.S. news-related search engine result pages.

Using 61 Westeros-related keywords (you can find the complete list at the bottom of this post), we measured which websites that rank in Google News appeared the most often in the different news-related rankings. We then ran an event analysis on this data (similar to the most SEO visible news websites for Chelsea Manning’s release). Our time period is specifically the air date of Sunday, July 16, and a couple days before and after.

If you do news SEO and Google News optimization or “GoT” is in your search coverage plan for the rest of this season, check out who’s getting ranked, and how you can do better, below.

Mobile vs. Desktop Google News Box

Many British publishers appeared in the desktop Google News Box.

The top news publishers in desktop Google News for the “Game of Thrones” keyword set were entertainment or general-interest publishers.

When we look at Desktop News Box on the day Episode 1 – “Dragonstone” – premiered, (10.56 percent) and (10.53 percent) top the pack in search visibility. (9.83 percent), (8.57 percent) and (8.27 percent) follow soon after, as competition intensified on the day of the show.

Obviously entertainment-oriented sites are more likely to surge to the top for a TV show, but we can also see that having a Google News-ranked site that only reports on the keyword set in question can provide a huge boost. It’s also interesting that so many British publications show up in U.S. rankings.

However, when we change to the Mobile News Box, we see two new contenders enter the top 5.

A website that specializes in the show unsurprisingly is among the top publishers.

Two new competitors surface for top search visibility in the mobile News Boxes from the desktop News Boxes for the “Game of Thrones” keyword set. is the clear leader (23.84 percent), followed by (18.51 percent), (18.33,) (17.82 percent) –‘s URL configuration for Accelerated Mobile Pages – and (16.6 percent). But again, being an entertainment or general-interest publisher helps visibility in this case.

Mobile Publisher Carousels

When we dive into Mobile Publisher Carousels, there is quite a unique mix of websites topping search visibility – not only from the New Boxes, but from the major publishers that usually appear in News Dashboard analyses.

Pinterest and Live Journal were among the top 5 news websites to rank for the show.

The channel that produces “Game of Thrones” as well as two websites more known for social networking are among the top sites for search visibility.

Starting with (26.23 percent), the rest of the top 5 are (23.5 percent), (19.13 percent), (15.85 percent) and (8.2 percent). We can again see how HBO, which produces the show, could have an advantage in volume of content around this keyword set.

Deep dive on keyword ‘Game of Thrones’

We also wanted to look specifically at the keyword game of thrones, and how the top publishers for search visibility might differ using a single keyword from our overall set.

Using the Mobile Visibility Overall report, which looks at News Box Headline, News Box Text, News Box Carousel, Publisher Carousel and Newsticker, the top 5 for that keyword are:,,, and

So, even when we cut the keyword set down to one word, many of the publishers are the same as looking at the entire “Game of Thrones” grouping.


As we saw above, publishers with a background in entertainment and in “Game of Thrones” specifically appear to have an advantage in search visibility for that topic and the keywords around it. As the season progresses, the show will continue to be of high interest in Google News.

If you’d like to find out how the News Dashboard can help you with Google News optimization for “Game of Thrones” and other trending topics, request a demo above.

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