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Which publishers won the Golden Globes?

2017 has begun and so has the awards season. While some big events are still ahead of us, we already have the Golden Globes covered. And while we know “La La Land“ is the winner of the awards, We are of course interested which publisher won the awards in the Google News boxes mobile and desktop.

As always we have provided all keyword sets at the bottom of the text. For this event we have not one keyword set from the 7th until the 9th of January, but one set that we have developed over 3 days – matching the fresh daily information. That means that this set is split in three parts for easy readability. First we will present you the overall top 5 publishers for all days combined in the Google News Boxes for desktop and the mobile AMP Carousels. Afterwards we will look at the day of the event and the day after in the desktop News Boxes to show you the changing visibility in the news coverage. For AMP Carousels we will only focus on the main day. gains a lot of visibility in the second half. is surprisingly the overall strongest publisher for all days.

First we look at the desktop News Boxes for all days. For most of the days takes the cake. Even tough they are originally an European publisher, they have proven themselves to be strong in world news – especially in the Entertainment department. Their visibility has only suffered sunday afternoon, but still an overall stable job. is also a steady player, but their score has decreased a little over the three days, just as’s visibility has steadily decreased even more over this time period. started great on the first morning, but had a dip in their visibility until sunday afternoon. But after all they got back on track and finished strong on monday.

The last competitor in the top 5 is Interestingly, they have jumped in their visibility on the 9th of January. They had their peak at 5 am on monday – their best keyword being “fences“ – 8 entries with 2 articles during 4 measurements in one hour – with articles surrounding the mix-up and Viola Davis’ speech.

From great to good for

Big jump upwards for from the evening of the 8th on.

The mobile results in the Google search are getting more and more important. Therefore AMP Carousels have gained a lot of importance in  2016 and their percentage in the mobile SERPs is permanently increasing. So this is what we look at next. The overall good and steady competitors here are and Also an overall nearly equally strong player is, but whereas they gain in visibility on the 9th, loses a bit of their visibility.

But the suprise is While they are “lost within the great competition” on the first two days, their visibility springs up throughout the late evening of the 8th and stays incredibly high on the 9th with their maximum visibility of 53.43 percent also at 5 am. meanwhile loses some of its visibility. goes from mediocre to incredibly good in the later hours of the 8th..

Now we take a more detailed look at the different days. Let us start in the Google News Boxes for desktop with the two strongest publishers of the top 10 on sunday morning 8th of January: and While they stay in the top quarter for the whole day, from noon onwards the competition closes up to them.

In the upper range are also,,, and But more interesting are the performances of, and on that day. While they do not reach’s visibility level, even reaches 16.94 percent visibility at 8 pm. doing a constantly good job as well. again very strong.

In comparison to sunday, we also see, and in the top 10 for Golden Globes related keywords on Monday. Not making the top 10 are these sunday candidates:, and

Impressively stays on top, but joins them there, instead of

Though the field catches up to them over the afternoon and straightens out. The highest overall visibility on that day is reached by with 27.43 percent at 5 am.

Even field in the mobile AMP Carousels. has the biggest gain in their visibility score.

For the AMP Carousels we want to look at the data for January 8th in more detail. In contrary to desktop News Boxes on that day we have,, and making the top 10. and even make the top 5 publishers in the AMP Carousels for all three days – different than in the desktop News Boxes.

Before noon the field is very tight-knit with only and a tad above the competition. In the afternoon the field gets broader, while our top 2 stay on top,, and lose some of their visibility.

On the other hand,,,, slowly climb up over the evening and into the night. And while gains visibility,’s run finishes and dominates the night with nearly 46 percent visibility at their best.


And for the finishing touches: The makes the overall top 5 in the Google News Boxes for desktop for all three analyzed days and dominates most of the 8th of January. The strong performance of the is a surprise. The publisher with the biggest leap in the desktop News Boxes is – they dominate the 9th of January, especially in the early morning hours. For AMP Carousels the field only clearly differentiates beginning with the evening of the 8th – from then onwards takes the cake without a doubt.


Keywordset “7th of January“:20th century women, all the way, amy adams, annette bening, anthony anderson, arrival, barry jenkins, beverly hilton, blackish, bryan cranston, casey afleck, clint eastwood, courtney b. vance, damien chazelle’s, denzel washington, dev patel, divorce, golden globes, golden globes 2017, hacksaw ridge, hell or high water, hugh grant, insecure, jane the virgin, jeff bridges, jeffrey tambor, jimmy falon, john travolta, jonah hill, julia louis-dreyfus, kenneth lonergan, keri russel, lion, live schreiber, mahershala ali, martin scorsese, mel gibson, michelle williams, monnlight, nicole kidman, nocturnal animals, octavia spencer, red carpet, riley keough, sing, thandie newton, the americans, the girlfriend experience, the people v. o.j. simpson, tom ford, transparent, veep, war dogs, westworld, zootopia

Updated keywordset “8th of January“:

award season, best actor (drama), best actor (musical or comedy), best actress (drama), best actress (musical or comedy), best director, best film (drama), best film (musical or comedy), best screenplay, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, chrissy metz, golden globes honor celebrities who died, sarah jessica parker,

Updated keywordset “9th of January“:
aaron taylor-johnson, andrew garfield, atlanta evan rachel wood, fences, game of thrones, mandy moore, tracee ellis ross, viola davis,