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The most visible Australian news websites in Google during 2018 – and their AMP percentages

As we start the new year, the Trisolute News Dashboard dove into 2018 for 6 key markets where our Google News visibility tool is used: Germany, Switzerland, France, the UK, the U.S. and Australia. This analysis will show the most visible news publishers in the latter for Google News and the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Read on to get a breakdown by ranking type and even category – as well as a bonus section on Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP. And if you’d like a refresher on the finer points of news SEO and Google News, start with our basics guide.

Top 10 publishers: Mobile Google News Box in Australia 

First, let’s take a look at the most visible publishers in Google’s Mobile News Box on the SERP.

Across 2018, the most visible publisher in this ranking type was Their most visible month was December, and their top keyword for that month was “meghan markle.” The rest of the Top 9 most visible publishers in this Google news-related ranking type were: – top month

Interestingly, and are two distinct URLs of the same publisher, with being the news-specific page. Also, is the only publisher that isn’t general-interest in the list. We can also see how much international news – especially from the U.S. and UK – influences the Australian news landscape.

Top 10 publishers: Desktop News Box 

Australia Top 10 most visible publishers in desktop News Box, 2018

Many publishers saw a spike in visibility around June 2018.

  • – 14.68 highest visibility percentage, 9.85 lowest visibility percentage 
  • – 8.46 highest visibility percentage, 11.82 lowest visibility percentage
  • – 7.76 highest visibility percentage, 5.26 lowest visibility percentage
  • – 5.18 highest visibility percentage, 3.15 lowest visibility percentage
  • – 4.2 highest visibility percentage, 2.34 lowest visibility percentage
  • – 3.21 highest visibility percentage, 1.5 lowest visibility percentage
  • – 3.5 highest visibility percentage, 1.05 lowest visibility percentage
  • – 2.61 highest visibility percentage, 1.7 lowest visibility percentage
  • – 2.39 highest visibility percentage, 1.41 lowest visibility percentage
  • – 2.22 highest visibility percentage, 1.33 lowest visibility percentage

We often see more “traditional” publishers in the desktop rankings, while mobile rankings can tend to include some online-only news sources. Again, is the single exception to general-interest publishers in the list. In addition, is the most visible publisher of 2018 in Google U.S. – so it’s not too much of a surprise they rank in other countries as well. 

We are happy to say that two of Top 3 publishers –  and – are among the News Dashboard’s customers.

Top Desktop New Box publishers by category


The same five publishers are in the top 5 for this category on both mobile and desktop, in different orders. We have,,, and in mobile; while it changes to,,, and for desktop.


australia desktop news box 2018 entertainment

In this category, dominates by a very significant margin, with a peak at almost a quarter of the visibility.

Again, the same five publishers populate the Top 5 for both devices. In this case though, the No. 4 and 5 are the same for both: and For mobile, we have, and Then in desktop, No. 1-3 is, and


In this category, takes the No. 5 spot in both devices. For mobile, the most visible publishers are,, and For desktop we have,, and


The trend of the same 5 publishers continues in news about the country. For mobile, we have,,, and Interestingly, this is the highest – a UK-based publisher – has ranked in the categories so far. For desktop, we have,,, and


We have some discrepancies between the publishers by device in this category. No. 1 and 2 are the same for both: and comes out before on mobile, with the reverse true on desktop. Lastly, takes the 5th spot in mobile, while takes that spot in desktop.


australia desktop news box sports 2018

While the Top 3 publishers on desktop in this category started at more or less the same visibility, they spread significantly throughout the year.

This category has the largest variance between devices. takes the No. 1 spot in both devices. No. 2 and 3 are and on mobile, with the reverse being true on desktop. On mobile, the list is rounded out with and – on desktop, it’s and


A bit of difference between devices here, too. No. 1 and 2 on mobile are and, with the opposite true on desktop. and take spots 3 and 4 on both devices, while mobile no. 5 is and desktop no. 5 is Interesting to see a niche car publisher in the desktop list.

Top stories

On mobile, the list is led by, and, while the order is opposite on desktop. is No. 4 on both devices, with rounding out the mobile Top 5 and doing the same in desktop.


This category has quite a different order by device. On mobile, see,,, and On desktop, we have,,, and

Google News

australia google news 2018

For Google News overall, not only do we see a bump in visibility across the board in June, the elevated visibility remains through December.

After the Top 3 ranking publishers, we see there is a huge gap until the rest of the pack.

Google News categories

Below, we’ll highlight a couple of Google News categories with interesting publisher visibility changes.

australia google news entertainment 2018

While most publishers saw elevated visibility after May 2018, had a temporary drop in October but then regained and jump in visibility into the end of the year.

First, in the entertainment category, only two of the Top 5 most visible publishers for the year are specialized in this category ( and, with the remainder being general-interest publishers. And we see an extremely steep increase in visibility for in June, which followed the Google News redesign in May.

australia google news health 2018

The Health category is often almost a second thought for general-interest publishers, and the keywords that make up the category often cover quite a bit of ground.

Next in the Health category, a “non-publisher” takes the No. 1 spot for visibility: The video platform’s gains are not as high as they were in U.S. Google News. Of course is the platform Google has chosen to display videos, while news publishers actually create the video content. The News Dashboard intentionally shows at the “publisher” level so our customers can see their overall visibility, but you can drill down to see which publishers are responsible for creating the individual videos that ranked. 

Using the News Dashboard, you can read the actual news publishers who are responsible for producing a given video:

Bonus: AMP analysis

As mobile devices continue to draw a larger audience, publishers need to pay attention to Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP. Google has all but said it is AMP enabled for mobile ranking types, which are more user-friendly, but of course there are challenges as far as page layout and especially monetization. The graphic below shows AMP rankings in the Mobile News Box for 2018.

AMP percentage per publisher australia 2018 - news dashboard

AMP percentage per publisher Australia 2018

There is a strong correlation between publishers who have AMP enabled (sbs. and ranking in our Top 10 most visible lists. On the other hand, we see a publisher with almost exclusively AMP ranks (, but that doesn’t appear in our Top 10 lists. 


  • Overall, most publishers saw a bump in visibility across ranking types in June 2018, possibly related to the Google News redesign in May.
  • claimed the No. 1 spot most often in the ranking types and categories we examined.
  • Interestingly, general-interest publishers did better in the specific categories in both Google News and News Boxes than the corresponding verticals at least some of the time.
  • Highly visible publishers from the U.S. ( as well as the UK ( were among our Top 10 and 5 lists.
  • Of course saw Google’s renewed push for news video.

The Trisolute News Dashboard team wants you to know we’ve got lots more coming for you this year. Stay tuned for more search If you have any ideas for analysis, feel free to send us your thoughts and feedback at!


We collect our news-related keywords from Google News ( as well as Google Trends, and keywords are from Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2018, for this analysis. News: Business, Entertainment, Health, U.S., Science, Sports, Technology, Top Stories and World. 15 minutes and checks rankings on Google News every 30 minutes. 

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