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Sepp Blatter resigns – who was in the corresponding Google News Box?

Tuesday, 2nd of June was a normal day in the Online News Business until Mr. Sepp Blatter resigned. Below you see which Publishers ranked in the Google News box in the UK during the hours before and after the press conference.

I took the data for the keyword “Sepp Blatter” from the Trisolute News Dashboard for the timeframe from Noon until Midnight. My analysis focused on the Top Ten Publishers in the Google News Boxes. This is the reason for some “open spots”, mainly after 8 p.m.

Sepp Blatter resigns - Which publihers were in the UK Google news Boxes?

Sepp Blatter resigns – Which publishers were in the UK Google news Boxes?


From noon until 6.20 p.m., several publishers rank in the Google News Box for the keyword “Sepp Blatter”. Position number one was held by The Guardian, the BBC and The Daily Mail. The Financial Times and the Independent ranked in the News Boxes on positions 2 respectively position 3.
At 6.35 p.m., The Guardian ranked first in the relevant News Box and kept this position the whole evening. The BBC ranked second – also nearly the whole evening. So the main traffic from the Google News Boxes after the resignation of Mr. Blatter went to these two publishers. This is interesting as for example in Germany the same time slot looks exactly opposite (see our german blog). There, the graphs were constant until the resignation and very volatile and changing afterwards.
Congratulations to all UK publishers which have been in the relevant Google News Boxes!!!