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Reveal your Desktop Visibility Overall on the SERP with the News Dashboard

Similar to our KPI Dashboard> Mobile Visibility Overall report, you can now get a better idea of how your articles perform in several different desktop news-related ranking types at the same time – and how your visibility compares to other publishers.

The report measures:

  • Desktop News Box
    • Headline
    • Text
    • Carousel
  • Video Carousels
  • Organic

You have all of the same filter options as the other KPI Dashboard reports that look at the SERPs  – date range, Selected Competitors, Categories, Keyword Clusters and more.

Year in Review 2018 analysis

We’ve also published a round-up of the top publishers and trends across all of the countries we monitor Google News data for, and individual analyses for:

News Dashboard benefits

  • See near-real time data updates for individual keywords (every 15 minutes)
  • Envision where your articles are ranking in the Google SERPs for the keywords you care about – add manual keywords for your local area, investigations, breaking news stories and more
  • Get short-term optimization tips and analyze your performance over time
  • How many articles you publish/republish from Google’s perspective (which can reveal technical SEO problems)
  • Compare your visibility with competitors, and discover new competitors on the keywords you rank for (or want to rank for) the most
  • Analyze your visibility on the Google News category pages
  • Get alerts on missing topics and lost rankings
  • See your performance in AMP
  • Monitor manual keywords and news-relevant Google News topics
  • Create individual filters, to have all of this data at a single click
  • Access the API for optimal data integration