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News tab on search console, Google Discover basics and rich results FAQ: What we read this week (7/24)

Without further ado, here is what the News Dashboard team read this week.

News tab filtering in Google Search Console

Now webmasters have another way to slice and dice their data in Google Search Console. Google announced via Tweet on Tuesday that users could now filter traffic coming from the News tab.

Users can filter data by the News tab going back to June 30, 2020.

Our thoughts: Great! Anything that gives more clarity to the source of a website’s traffic is certainly useful. Though it’s interesting to look at, we suspect many of the newsrooms we work with see much more traffic coming from other sources.

Mobile-first indexing delayed, for now

Webmasters, you have a few more months to prepare you site for mobile-first indexing if you haven’t already. Google announced Tuesday it was pushing back it’s mobile-first indexing switch from September 2020 to March 2021.

What mobile-first indexing means: Google will usually opt to use the mobile version of a website to index and rank content.

Take a look at Google’s announcement for tips on how to prepare your site for for the switch.

Our thoughts: This is good news for any webmasters that needed more time to optimize everything for mobile. But most sites have already made the switch. According to Google, 70% of sites on the SERP have already switched over.

Google Discover: The basics

Google Discover has been around for nearly two years now in its current form (previously it was “Feeds”) and we thought it might be useful to take another look at how Discover works.

Here are some nice resources directly from Google:

More resources: Search Engine Journal has this comprehensive guide on Google Discover, including how to optimize content for it and which kinds of content seem to perform best. According to SEJ’s study of 11,000 URLs, news sites received 99% of the clicks. Some news sites have reported that they’re receiving as much or more traffic from Discover than through traditional SEO.

Our thoughts: News Dashboard customers often ask us if we’ll one day include Google Discover metrics in our tool. Unfortunately, personalization is at the heart of Google Discover, making it difficult for a third-party service to provide deep insight into user-side data. But we’re always looking into it. In the meantime, you can track Google Discover metrics using Google’s in-house reports.

Rich results, structured data and how to keep things tidy

Daniel Waisberg at Google gives a nice overview of what rich results are, how Google pulls info for rich results (structured data) and how to audit your site with Search Console.

5 accounts to follow this week:

  • @badams – SEO consultant, Polemic Digital and editor of State of Digital Publishing
  • @CyrusShepard – Founder of Zyppy SEO and Moz contributor
  • @backlinkio – Brian Dean, founder of
  • @stonetemple – Eric Enge, general manager of Perficient, a content marking agency
  • @dannysullivan – Danny Sullivan, Google’s public search liaison


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