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News SEO round-up: Scaramucci firing, PGA Championship search visibility winners

If you cover politics, you’ll want to see who won search visibility for Anthony Scaramucci blow-up. And if you cover sports, you’ll want to see the same for the 2017 PGA Championship golf tournament.

Using the News Dashboard tool, we looked at who reached the highest search visibility for:

– Former White House communications director Scaramucci and a short list of related keywords (which you can see at the bottom of this post) on the day of his firing – Monday, July 31, 2017.

– Which publisher had the best performance each day on Saturday-Sunday, Aug. 12-13, 2017, during the tournament based on a list of 14 keywords.

This analysis follows the same format as looking into which publishers topped Google News search visibility for O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing. You can also use the News Dashboard for Google News optimization of your articles.

If you’re in charge of news SEO and Google News optimization for politics and sports coverage, check out who’s getting ranked on top.

Scaramucci: Mobile vs. Desktop Google News Box

News Dashboard report showing the Top 5 publishers in search visibility for Anthony Scaramucci keyword set.

Anthony Scaramucci’s short tenure as White House communications director led to a busy Google News day.

As we often see in desktop search visibility, more traditional publications – such as those with a print and broadcast background – tend to rank higher. At least two of the publishers in the Top 5 here mainly cover politics, while the other three are known for their political coverage. – 22.32 percent – 19.77 percent – 16.24 percent – 12.43  percent – 10.59 percent

When we switch over to the mobile News Box, three of the publishers cross over. Only USA TODAY switches position, going from No. 5 to No. 1.

News Dashboard report showing the publishers with the highest search visibility for our Scaramucci keywords in the mobile Google News box.

Search visibility in the mobile Google News Box exploded after Scaramucci’s firing.– 50 percent – 37.99 percent – 33.47 percent – 33.05 percent – 26.55 percent

As Scaramucci has been a news figure in New York for years before taking his short-lived government positions, it’s possible that the New York Times and Page Six (part of the New York Post) may have had a leg up in the desktop and mobile News Boxes with prior coverage.

Scaramucci: Mobile Visibility Overall

This KPI Dashboard report measures visibility in News Box Headline, News Box Text, News Box Carousel, Publisher Carousel and Newsticker. You can choose one or more of those options for the analysis, and can add in organic search results, as well. We chose the configuration below to get the best overview of search visibility for mobile across news-related ranking types.

News Dashboard report showing the Mobile Visibility Overall for the Scaramucci keyword set.

The field for the Top 5 publishers of the Scaramucci keyword set in Mobile Visibility Overall narrowed somewhat on the day he was actually fired. – 50 percent– 43.08 percent – 42.94 percent– 33.05 percent – 32.63 percent

All of these publishers also appeared in the Top 5 for search visibility in either Desktop or Mobile News Boxes for the Scaramucci keyword set, or both – as we looked at earlier in the post. Specifically, appearing in the Top 5 for mobile Google News Box tends to make those publishers more likely to appear in other mobile ranking types. So, more traditional publishers that have also established themselves in mobile can achieve significant search visibility there, as well.

Championship: Desktop News Box

News Dashboard report showing the search visibility in the desktop Google News Box for the 2017 PGA Championship keyword set over two days.

The search visibility for most of the Top 5 publishers in desktop Google News Box for the 2017 PGA Championship keyword set remains quite steady into the last two days of the tournament.

Much like the political publishers and the Scaramucci story, sports publishers and, unsurprisingly, golf-specific websites that rank in Google News top the Desktop News Box visibility for the championship, which saw first-timer PGA Championship winner Justin Thomas take the crown. One SB Nation writer has called the 24-year-old Thomas “a new face of American golf.”

Aug. 12 – 37.65 percent – 34.97 percent – 22.4 percent– 19.79 percent – 14.43 percent

Aug. 13 – 36.98 percent – 33.63 percent – 30.73 percent – 20.16 percent– 14.29 percent

Over both days, there was only one change: overtook on Sunday, Aug. 13. Such a tight field of competitors, especially in the top three spots, indicates the high interest in the event over those two days.

Championship: Publisher Carousels

When we took a look at Publisher Carousels – a Google News ranking type on mobile that collects multiple articles on a keyword from the same publisher – we saw an interesting change in the Top 5 websites., the official website of the tour itself and not mainly a sports journalism outlet, made it into the Top 3 on both days we measured.

News Dashboard report of the Top 5 publishers by search visbility for Mobile Publisher Carousels about the 2017 PGA Championship in August.

Publisher Carousels often appear for long-term stories that update often, such as a major golf tournament, as is the case with the 2017 PGA Championship.

Aug. 12 – 37.13 percent – 27.9 percent – 22.79 percent – 21.41 percent ( AMP) – 15.13 percent

Aug. 13 – 38.2 percent– 23.61 percent – 18.81 percent ( AMP) – 17.85 percent – 12.09 percent


For both of these Page 1 stories, the online heavy hitters in the respective subjects – politics and golf/sports – are among the Top 5 for each of the categories we looked into. We will keep an eye on a couple of interesting trends that have also come up in previous event analyses with the News Dashboard: how more traditional media outlets that transitioned to digital fair against the dot-com generation; and the rise of non-news websites ranking in Publisher Carousels for entertainment and sports events.

“Anthony Scaramucci firing” keyword set: white house communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci, Scaramucci, Scaramucci twitter, the mooch, communications director, new york hedge fund executive, global hedge fund founder, profanity laced tirade, kill all the leakers
“PGA Championship 2017” keyword set: pga tournament, 2017 pga championship, pga championship, golf tournament, pga golf, pga tour, quail hollow club, rory mcIlroy, jordan spieth, 99th pga championship, dustin johnson, hideki matsuyama, rickie fowler, golf majors

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