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Most common news ranking types on the mobile Google SERP

As Core Web Vitals from Google rolls out in earnest, here’s a refresher on the “news-related” ranking types you can find on the mobile search engine results page (SERP) – simply, the ranking types that news content tends to rank in. We’ll cover the following:

  • News Boxes (Top Stories)
  • Video Carousels
  • Publisher Carousels
  • Organic
  • Bonus: Google Discover and Google News

Read below for examples and a rundown of each.

Mobile News Boxes

Mobile News Boxes are now more likely to have a header related to the latest developments, vs. just text that says “Top Stories”:

They also might have stacked stories within a single position in the Carousel, like the “cuomo” example above with label “for context.” This seems to be the next step Google has made after adding stacked carousels in a single mobile News Box:

Mobile Video Carousels

Google is increasingly favoring video content on the SERPs and Google News ( across both mobile and desktop. For many news keywords, there is a specific breakout for video content. These can link to native video on a publisher’s website, but more likely lead to a YouTube video. This means that for many publishers interested in video, a YouTube channel can be an important part of your strategy.

Mobile Publisher Carousels

When Google sees that a particular publisher has “authority” and a number of recent pieces of content around a specific keyword, it may choose to place that content into a ranking type called a Publisher Carousel. These are often anchored by a topic page (first link), and subsequent links are to recent pieces of content on the topic.

Organic rankings

Last but not least, news content can certainly appear in the “classic” Google ranking, which we call Organic in the News Dashboard. These rankings can be totally text, or include a photo – and they can link to a particular piece of content, or more of a topic or project page.

Google Discover and Google News

Unlike the SERP rankings, these are two separate platforms created and managed by Google. They each have a web and app side, and can be personalized (especially Google Discover).

Google News appears at and the Google News app.

Google Discover is basically the content discovery feed on the Chrome browser in mobile.