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Google News UK visibility analysis for November

As we are settling in December and celebrating our UK Search Award, we want to take one look back at November. This time we want to focus our attention to the top publishers in the UK. First we will pay attention towards the competitors with the highest publishingrates. Next we will ascertain wether we perceive these publishers in the top 5 for Google News OneBoxes for desktop. Then we will validate our findings through the analysis of the Google News Boxes for mobile. We will also compare desktop and mobile results. In the last part of the analysis we will focus our attention to News Carousels and AMP Carousels in contrast to the overall mobile News Boxes. For closure we will identify the best publishers in the UK.

Similar progression for all publishers. barely edging out the competition.

Let us first take a quick look at the most published news outlets in the UK. As we see, we have a similar progressing curve for all publishers with just edging out the competition with up to 639 published articles in one day.  The other premium players are, and with a daily indexed article rate between 224 and 575. The bottom player in the upper department is And do not wonder about – we only just started crawling their data from the 4th November onwards. just reaching fifth position. and in front by a long shot.

Let us now take a look at the desktop News Boxes and some familiar faces. One of those, is the runner-up in desktop visibility. But almost invincible on top is with a visibility of up to 35.65 percent. On third position we have with a somewhat closer to top visibility rates in the second half of November. On fourth position one can find – meeting on the last day of the month with a visibility of 18.26 percent. At last we have another known competitor: reaching their highest visibility at the 13th of November.

Close field in the mobile News Boxes

Fluctuating picture for the

In the Google News Boxes (including non-AMP and AMP Carousels) for mobile, inches out by up to a 14.37 percent difference. In the middle ground we have and In a placement on its own we see with a high fluctuation in their visibility – we have visibility scores as low as 14.58 percent and as high as 43.49 percent.

News Carousels presenting a similar picture as the mobile News Boxes. is the front runner in the News Carousels.

Reviewing only the News Carousels, we see a somewhat similar picture. But distinguishing itself from the News Boxes results for mobile, gets to be the lone top competitor. shares its rank with and oscillates even more than before. is not part of the top AMP publishers. making the top 5 for AMP Carousels.

But our main interest lies in the AMP Carousels. These differentiate by a great proportion from the News Boxes for mobile and desktop and all Carousels. What is similar is on top. But the middle field is very close-knit with,, and replacing on fifth position. For the publishers on positions two to five we have visibility scores ranging between 20.02 and 47.30 percent – not even close to worst score of 49.64 percent visibility.

Now for our recap:

The competitors with the most indexed/published content are: the,,,, We find only two of them in the News Boxes for desktop and mobile – so that maybe the most content does not necessary means the prime Google News visibility. The top overall competitors in the Google News Boxes are, first in mobile visibility, and as the top runner in the Google News Boxes for desktop. On places three to five we have,, and for mobile and desktop visibility. For AMP Carousels specifically, makes the top 5 and drops out.

Overall we have not a similar picture for desktop and mobile visibility, but always familiar players.