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Google News: Another drop in visibility

A few weeks ago, we already reported on Google’s indexing problems at the end of January and beginning of February. Apparently there was also a drop in visibility in Google News at the beginning of February. We show which publishers were affected in this blog post.

The problem with indexing around January 31 and February 1 calmed down after just one week. Previously, our index rate showed that articles from many publishers in various countries weren’t being indexed. Now we have been able to identify visibility losses for some publishers in Google News.

Most affected: Swiss Publishers

Some swiss publishers are affected.

The visibility decreased for some Swiss publishers.

Visibility fell significantly for, and in particular in the week from 29.1. to 4.2.2024. These three publishers have barely recovered from the drop in visibility since then. In contrast, was able to increase and maintain this higher visibility. This means that is still the most visible in Google News, but it is now followed by and then

Also the Publisher in French-speaking Switzerland are affected

In particular, the Google News visibility of French-speaking Swiss publishers has fallen.

In particular, the visibility of publishers from the French-speaking part of Switzerland has fallen.

Here, eight of the top 10 most visible publishers have fallen in visibility. These primarily include, and, but, and have also lost visibility. Only and were able to increase their visibility between January and February.

Also publishers from other countries are affected

Some German publishers are also affected.

Visibility in Google News has also dropped for some German publishers.

For example, in Germany  were particularly badly affected, but they were able to increase its visibility in Google News again in the second week of February.

The visibility in Google News in Austria has decreased for

In Austria, the visibility has dropped for, for example.

In Austria, two publishers were particularly badly affected: and Neither has yet been able to regain visibility in Google News.

Some US publishers are also affected.

In addition to European publishers, some US publishers are also affected.

Individual publishers in the USA have also been affected. In particular, has lost a lot of visibility in Google News and has not been able to regain visibility since.


Either the first signs of the Google Core Update March can be seen here or the problems in indexing have had an impact on visibility in Google News. However, we will also be monitoring developments in connection with the March 2024 Google core update.

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