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Google Image Search updates, AMP tips and JavaScript for SEOs: What we read this week (2/24)


We’ve poured through dozens of SEO news articles this week so you don’t have to. Check out the five stories below that the Trisolute News Dashboard team thinks are worth your time.

Myth busters: H1 tag edition 

For years the conventional SEO wisdom was to use one H1 tag per page (usually the title) or risk facing your site being buried on SERPs. Moz tested the theory WITH SCIENCE and, well, what they found was VERY interesting. 

Google Image search getting helpful icons

It’s been a while since Google Image search had a major face-lift. This latest update adds an icon for recipes, videos and products in image search results. This has obvious implications for online retailers, but newsrooms should also be aware especially if original images are optimized well. What could be next? Image licensing info.

Now you can have a profile card, too!

Searching for celebrities, politicians, musicians and other notable folks in Google often returns a profile card with need-to-know info on the query. Google has provided that feature only to big names, until now. Journalists, get ready to edit your public Google profile card.

Turn your AMP up to 11

Beyond the technical implementation, AMP optimization isn’t much different than non-AMP SEO. In case you were wondering how (it’s not difficult), here is a quick guide from Google. 

A cautionary tale for developers

Hey, newsroom developers! The anecdote that kicks off this guide is scarier than a Grimm fairy tale. Take note.