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Find better keywords for news articles with our Topic Inspiration feature

It’s easy to guess some of the biggest news each day – world leaders, sports scores, COVID updates, etc. And if you’re a news publisher, you probably know a story about U.S. president Joe Biden should include his name as a keyword. But when there can be three, five, 10, or more separate news stories about the same person per day, how do you know what more specific keywords to use and get the best ranking possible on Google?

The brand-new Topic Inspiration feature in the Trisolute News Dashboard is here to help!

Screenshot of the topic inspiration screen in the Keyword Manager in the News Dashboard.

On one screen, quickly see the newsiest broad keywords of the day and additional relevant topics about each from three sources:

  • The titles of the News Boxes (Top Stories Boxes) from the SERPs
  • Google News (
  • Google Trends

To get a better context of the individual keywords, the News Box-headlines which can be found on the SERP will be listed in the “News Box”-column. Keyword suggestions will be listed in the “Google News” and “Google Trends”-columns.

If you click on one of the keywords, the detailed view with additional information on that keyword opens up.

The detailed view gives the following additional information:

  •  Individual measurements of the “News Box Headers” on the mobile and desktop SERP
  • A selection of current “News Box Articles” on the mobile and desktop SERP including the publishers’ favicons
  • “Google News Terms for Context”
  • List of current “Google News Articles” including the publishers’ favicons
  • “Google Trends Related Queries (News Search)” sorted by “Increasing” and “Top”

If you’d like to try the Topic Inspiration feature, reach out about a demo today!

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