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#FeatureFiesta: 7 new features added to the News Dashboard

After working our development team around the clock (kidding – kind of), we have SEVEN new features in the News Dashboard to share.

The new functionality makes the tool even better at revealing news publishers’ visibility in Google News and the search engine result pages (SERPs). The Trisolute team is proud that our features are developed with input from our customers: A majority of the tool’s features, including our Start Page, are client requests.

KPI Dashboard

Focusing on most visible articles in the SERP reports:

Changing from “keyword focus” to “article focus” allows reveals the most visible articles for a single publisher during a specific time frame.

If you’ve wondered what article was most visible in the last week, month or year – you can use the new article focus to find out. Picking this view will reveal a single publisher’s the 100 most visible articles during the selected time frame. You can switch between publishers by clicking their lines in the chart.

By clicking on the numbers in the “Score” column, you drill down into ever greater detail – for which keywords that article ranked and how often. Make sure to check out the “Group by keyword” view in the second table to get a better overview vs. all single rankings in one list.

  • Exclude incomplete data points in the SERP reports (Mobile/Desktop Visibility Overall, News Box reports, etc.), to avoid any distortion from a partially completed month.
  • In the filter menu, easily select multiple keywords in the keyword search with one typed query.
  • Analyze a single data point (hour, day, week month) – or analyze an entire time range together in the drilldown reports.

Action View

View the entire Mobile and Desktop News Boxes from the last measurement: 

The “NB” button allows you to quickly check what Google displays in a News Box for a keyword, whether your article ranks in the News Box or not.

Previously, you could only see all of the articles and publishers in a News Box from our last measurement in Missing Topics, to collect competitive intelligence on the SERPs. Now, clicking the new “NB” button in the column “Position NB” leads to this data for every keyword tracked.

This feature should be able to help you quickly check what Google displays in the News Box for a keyword, as well as who ranks. As an added bonus, you’re also able to view how old the articles that rank are.

  • User and account filters now include “Group by Keyword” and “Group by Article” with your other filter settings. 
  • If you have a particular article you’re interested in ranking for a keyword or want to know what effect your optimization has, you can choose to “follow an article keyword combination”. We’re also working on adding alert options in the browser and Slack for the combinations.

Ask for a demo today

If our latest features have sparked your interest and you’d like to see how the News Dashboard can help your newsroom improve its search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, request a free demo of our tool today using the demo button or reaching out to