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In September, BBC and The Guardian were leading unrivalled regarding their visibility in the Google News Boxes. The bar graph shows that the visibility of the site in the Google News Boxes is at an average of 32,06 percent – The Guardian’s visibility is at 28,12 percent. Both websites are well in advance of the other News players. The question is whether those high figures are resulting from a systematic Google News optimization, or whether both publishers just enjoy a high trust at Google. It is clear though that they were able to register considerable Google News Traffic on their sites.

BBC and the Guardian clearly leading in visibility Google News Boxes September 2015 and were leading unrivalled in September 2015.


On most days, the BBC is between 3 and 9 percentage points ahead of The Guardian – anyhow, in September, nearly reached the BBC on three days – that is on September 14th, 17th and 26th. The difference between the two sites was under one percent on these days. Here are a few of the relevant numbers of those days for illustration: On the 14th, the BBC is at 27,46 percent, The Guardian at 26,94 percent. The 17th looks similar: While the BBC gets a visibility of 33,06 percent in the Google News Boxes, The Guardian gets 32,46 percent. The numbers of 26th September are almost the same.

Let us now have a look at the other News Players in the top 3. and hold places 3 and 4 with a difference of more than 2 percentage points. The Daily Mail is thus sitting better – but there are single exceptions: also makes it to the third place, namely on September 15th and 17th. This was not enough to reach the overall third place – but it shows that The Telegraph also does have the potential to work its way up with the help of a systematic Google News SEO.