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BBC and The Guardian are the Top Players in Google News Boxes in April and May

Original Publishing Date 23rd of May

In April and May 2015, the BBC ( was the most successful publisher in the UK as far as the appearance  in Google News Boxes is concerned. As the data below shows, at least 29 percent of all articles shown in News Boxes were published by almost every day – some days, the proportion was even close to 40 percent (for instance between 14th and 16th May or at 21st and 22nd May). The Guardian was at a strong second position. In rare cases the Guardian reached the BBC – as you can see on April 27th and 28th. There, in each case, nearly 30 percent of all articles in the Google News Boxes belonged to and The top five for the relevant time period are completed by, and These offerings also belong to the top 5 players relating to the visibility in Google News Boxes

Visibility Google News Boxes UK April and May 2015

Visibility Google News Boxes UK April and May 2015