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All the News Dashboard’s new features – and a sneak peek into 2021

The year 2020 was an adventure for everyone – and of course marked by the coronavirus. Whether it was Google News algorithm changes in response to COVID, country elections or the endless news cycle, we certainly understand the struggle for news publishers – and we worked hard to make sure the Trisolute News Dashboard tool was even better for you this last year. Here’s a rundown of our major new features of 2020, and a sneak peek into the tool roadmap for 2021.

New features in 2020


  • In-tool Help Section, that address everything from SEO lingo and examples of news ranking types to tool FAQs and tips.
  • New instances: The News Dashboard is now available in Spain, the Netherlands and Austria.
  • The user’s time zone is now automatically detected.
  • We now track the red “Live” markers in News Box rankings.
  • The API is now also available for keywords without ranking.
  • Journalists across the newsroom can be assigned different levels of access based on how they will use the tool – read-only, keyword management access,  filter creation, etc.

Keyword Manager

  • Completely redesigned Keyword Clusters: In a single glance, you can see if each Cluster is active/inactive and which of the keywords are manual or are automatically imported and therefore can age out. You can now disable, enable or delete keywords at the Cluster level. This gives you the opportunity to prepare your keywords ahead of time for planned and seasonal news events, but still leave those keyword slots open for current news.

Action View

  • New filter option: Filter by rankings that are marked as video.
  • While the Action View shows your “near-real time” rankings from the last 15 minutes, we also heard the need to see performance over the last day without switching over to the KPI Dashboard. The “History” button shows complete news ranking information from the last 24 hours for an article, a keyword or an article/keyword combination.

KPI Dashboard 

  • To complement our Keyword Clusters, you can now group “competitors” or other publishers you want to analyze into Competitor Clusters. You can add any publisher who ranked in the Google search engine results pages (SERPs0 or Google News. Your Clusters are available in all KPI Dashboard reports that include the Competitor filter option.
  • Second drilldown menu redesign: While there was a ton of valuable information in the second drilldown report, the table was a little overwhelming! To make it easier to digest and easier to take action, the new display shows you which articles ranked for a keyword, how long an article has ranked, and which article was “most visible”. This view clearly shows which changes (especially in the headline) have been made, when they happened and how they affected the visibility (and the resulting search traffic).
  • In our Topic Coverage report, you can now filter by keywords and Keyword Clusters.
  • In the filter menu, keywords are now sorted alphabetically.
  • You can now find your saved filters in the filter menu on the bottom right.
  • The default interval in the Index Rate report is now one week (1W), consistent with the other KPI Dashboard reports.

The roadmap for 2021

Of course, we are still working on improving the News Dashboard. In the meantime, we will give you an sneak peek into 2021 and we have also set ourselves ambitious goals for the coming year:

  • Keyword suggestion tool
  • Google Discover tracking
  • Publisher sitemaps tracking
  • New Keyword Manager design + displaying all keywords, including inactive Keyword Clusters
  • Updated filter menu
  • Search by URL option
  • Individualized start page

If you have any feedback for us, please contact us at If you’d like to try the Trisolute News Dashboard in your newsroom, reach out to us via the demo button today!