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8 Insights into News SEO Every Publisher Needs to Know

Here at Trisolute Software, we analyzed Google data from 2022 using our award-winning News Dashboard tool and uncovered several key insights into ranking types, news boxes, and Google Discover that we are eager to share with news publishers. Along with our analysis, we offer actionable tips news publishers can take to improve their search performance.

We’ll be posting new articles every Monday and Thursday. Below is a preview of the news SEO topics we are covering.

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Which ranking types play key roles on news-related SERPs? 

Which ranking types are most popular on desktop and mobile across Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs) for news-related queries? We used our News Dashboard tool to dig into the data and offer news publishers guidance.

What’s the most common News Box ranking type?

Google’s SERPs have evolved a lot over the years, including changes in the News Box ranking type. We analyzed how the News Box has changed from 2020 to 2022 in terms of the distribution of News Box Headline Rankings, News Box Carousel Rankings and News Box Text Rankings. The results, including some major shifts, may surprise you.

Does the Age of your Article Affect its News Box Visibility?

It can be frustrating waiting to see if an article you just published will earn a News Box ranking. We looked at the average age of articles in the News Box to show you how much time it can take to rank in them. After reading our News Dashboard analysis, you’ll come away with a better understanding of how much time it can take to rank.

How many rankings have a live label in News Boxes?

If your newsroom uses the live blog format to report on major news events, you’ll be interested in our analysis of News Boxes with a live label. We used our News Dashboard tool to determine the popularity of the live label in News Boxes on both mobile and desktop platforms.

How many News Boxes have multiple News Box headers?

News Box headers can help you brainstorm about your newsroom’s headline strategy by helping you identify which topics are currently ranking for a News Box from Google. Check out our News Dashboard analysis of how often News Boxes have multiple headers.

Which role do video rankings play in News Boxes?

If your newsroom produces a lot of videos, take a look at our News Dashboard analysis of how well videos perform in News Boxes that may help you determine your future video production strategy.

How Does the Choice of Keywords in an Article’s Title Influence News Box Rankings?

We looked at whether you should use keywords in the article headline to increase your performance on Google on both mobile and Desktop SERPs and to increase your chance of a position in the News Boxes.

What Defines a Top-Ranking Article on Google Discover?

Is your newsroom interested in how your content can rank in Google Discover? By using the Discover analysis that’s part of our News Dashboard tool, we found patterns around which article categories performed best in 2022.

We hope you find this news SEO series informative. If you want to find out how your performance is on the Google SERP, request your FREE Trisolute News Dashboard demo today!